Kunal Kapoor’s next is voice of animated Ram

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Kunal Kapoor’s next film is not one you will see him in but hear him in. He is the voice of Ram in the animated film, Mahayudh Ramayana. He worked hard to get to voice of Ram just right and thoroughly enjoyed working on the project.

Kunal said, “It was an incredible experience. It’s so very different from acting in front of the camera. Before dubbing, we sat down with the creatives and decided the kind of tone Lord Ram would have. It was important to have a certain strength to his voice.”

During the dubbing, he was filmed so that his gestures could be copied for the animated character. “While I am doing the voice over at the dubbing studio, they shoot me and then use my mannerisms and incorporate them in the animated character,” he explained.

Adding jokingly, “I think he’s [Ram] better looking and has a better body than me!”

About the playing the mythological character Kunal said, “The Ram we are portraying isn’t one-dimensional. He has many interesting facets to his personality. There are scenes where his vulnerability and human-like traits emerge. I found that challenging.”

The film will be released later in 2008 and is produced by Contiloe Films.

As for what’s next in the pipeline, sad to say he is still at the script reading stage before deciding on his next project, “I haven’t signed anything new as of now but am open to a role I can relate to.”

He did do one project as a director/producer recently but that was for his parents’ golden wedding anniversary. Kunal made a short film that included special photos of his parents and interviews with family members. “I wanted to do something special for them. I really worked hard on making the film.” He even managed to keep the secret from his parents and said, “Well, I threatened my relatives not to talk about it. It was important that my parents were kept in the dark until the big day arrived.”

So does he now have the directing bug? “Maybe some day, but at the moment, I want to act!”

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