Lara’s IFFA Wardrobe Malfunction Explained

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Stars are normally more than careful when they wear revealing clothes ensuring straps are fastened and zips are zipped. However, on occasion they find themselves being cheated on by their wardrobes. Lara Dutta found herself in such a situation during the recent IFFA Awards in Sri Lanka. While walking down the Green Carpet, her dress strap snapped giving fans and shutterbugs quite the peekaboo moment.

Coming to her defense, her spokesperson, Divya Tejuja explained, “It’s ridiculous and insane to call it a malfunction. People are blind if they think a fashion icon will goof up with her dress. It’s merely the shadow of her clutch that she is holding under her arm that has led to silly sensationalism out of nothing.”

Fans all across the world quickly came out and supported the actress claiming, her gown was too snug on her for it snap and that it was merely the shadow of her purse that created such an effect.

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