Love and Marriage: Saifeena

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As a desi match-maker in London, I am always analysing people and relationships, looking for signs of compatibility. I recently watched the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan on Koffee with Karan Season 3 – a thoroughly entertaining and witty show that is a must on Sundays, and so naturally during the entire show I was thinking “Will this couple tie the knot in 2011? Do they seem compatible?” Let’s take a look at what I saw.

Firstly, the couple looked very relaxed and comfortable with each other, laughing and smiling. During the “rapid fire” section however Kareena had a couple of “tantrums” when Saif did not guess correctly her favourite holiday destination. She snapped at him about her Diwali present and how she is planning on taking it back….oh dear!
Overall though, Saif seemed totally smitten by Kareena and even mentioned he is a little jealous as she is “so stunning”. I truly believe that for relationships to work, the man has to be so much more in love with the women than she is in love with him.

When match-making, I often look at zodiac-sign compatibility so let’s take a look at our Bollywood couple’s “love match” based on their zodiac signs.

Kareena Kapoor
She is 30 years old, born on 21 September and is a Virgo. Virgo’s tends to be practical and diligent, meticulous and reliable. On the surface they are emotionally quite cold. But the outward lack of feeling may conceal too much emotion, which they are afraid of giving away as they do not trust others.

Saif Ali Khan
He is 40 years old, born on 16 August and is a Leo. Leo’s are generous and warm-hearted, faithful and loving. However, they are the most dominant and extrovert of all the zodiac signs.

Love Match
Leo and Virgo are a compatible love match as long as they both understand each other’s nature and expectations. They key in Leo and Virgo compatibility does not lie in changing each other, but on the contrary, on bending a bit to make their relationship work for a life time!

So, my prediction for marriage between Kareena and Saif in the near future? It’s a “yes”!!

Salima Manji is a well known matchmaker in the UK and is the director of the Asian Dinner Club

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