Maddy Turns Down 38 of 40 Offers

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The fact that Madhavan turns down 38 out of 40 offers that come his way may be something most actors would say to be sheer stupidity and others would say is genius. Whatever it seems to be, its working for the Southern superstar, who despite not being on every magazine’s cover page or on the cast list of every other film, has made a mark for himself in the Hindi Film Industry. Of course down South he’s more than just a mere mark, being more of an icon!

So how does someone take the success of 3 Idiots? You and I probably will turn into a whole new person gloating in the appreciation and the many newly opened doors but not our Maddy. “If I want to enjoy my normal life, I will. While coming down to the hotel, I stopped on the road and had bhelpuri. I know 3 Idiots was huge. But come to think of it, there have been so many occasions in life when I’ve felt that it can’t get better than this. Today, I realise that it’s important to stay connected to ordinary people without being blinded by the star entourage, which might often be caught in a time warp,” explained the very down to earth actor when speaking to a leading tabloid.

What about all the scripts he’s turning down? Maddy doesn’t shy away and goes on to explain his philosophy: “Turning down scripts means disappointing those who want to work with you. I am very choosy and if I get 40 offers, I’ll perhaps refuse 38 of them. I don’t mince words when I don’t like a script. I just say sorry. I don’t keep people waiting by saying let me think about it. I remember refusing director Vikram Kumar eight times over a period of six years. Every time I refused, I’d say the script he had was not worthy of him. But finally, I did 13B with him and it was a hit! Post-3I, I feel people are afraid to approach me.” Surely an adorable face like that can’t be marked “unapproachable”!

Ultimately he feels that after a blockbuster like 3 Idiots, actors such us himself will rarely be able to live up to the expectations. For an Aamir Khan this is an easy task but for a Madhavan, or even for a Sharman Joshi, this is not a cruisey task. Having said that, the Southern superstar does go on to say that post RDB he didn’t think anything amazing as that would come his way and create the same magic, yet 3 Idiots has surpassed that magic.

Despite having the critics always by his side and a host of awards for his work in South Indian Cinema, the modest actor prefers to say that he’s no where near deserving of the title of a ‘good actor’. “I don’t know how to act and I don’t say it out of modesty. I am not remotely close to being a good actor. My USP is that I project myself as the role I’ve been given. It’s easy for comedians to mimic SRK and Amitabh. But I can’t be mimicked,” said the dashing actor who also has a military background. He goes on to add, “Both in India and abroad, one becomes a star first and then an actor. Even Leonardo DiCaprio first became a star and then an actor. It’s important to sustain the longevity of one’s status as a star. So those like Aamir Khan and Kamal Haasan have evolved their own style of acting to ensure the longevity of their status as stars. Hopefully someday, I’ll have a style of my own. But right now, I still don’t and comedians down South complain that they can’t mimic me on their shows!”

Up next for Maddy is Leena Yadav’s Teen Patti in which he plays a confused teacher who has to choose between love and lust. It was natural when speaking to the media about this character that he’d be asked about what his opinion is on the matter, off screen. Here’s what he had to say: “Love is something that keeps us from doing what’ll hurt. Lust is more of an animal instinct but is not always negative. I’ve been lucky with love. Before joining the film industry, I’ve lusted after B-grade heroines. Today, I’d love to lust for someone who is naturally attractive and not cosmetically made up. In India, there isn’t any star I can name whom I’d lust for. In my head, I’m trying to think of names but I just can’t. Guess, I’m a bit old-fashioned that way. If there was a younger Amala, Sridevi or a Juhi, I’d certainly lust for her.”

Maddy ended on that adorably old fashioned note, making us even more eager to catch him in this Friday’s release Teen Patti!

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