Mahesh Nair Takes on Censor Board for Being Biased

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In a recent statement made by the debutante director Mahesh Nair, he makes his frustration with the censor board more than obvious. The director of Celina Jaitley and Farooque Shaikh starrer ‘Accident on Hill Road’ which is slated for release towards the end of the year alleges Censor Board of being biased towards small film makers.

The director, who once assisted Ram Gopal Verma, expressed his views about the Censor Board being biased by saying, “Censor board gives ‘U’ certificate for films by big banners despite filmmakers showing backless and intense love making scenes. But when the actress in my movie is just removing her stocking, the censor board objects to that part.”

That’s not all, Nair also questioned that, “Big banners are influential people, which is why they get certificate and we do not get it as we are small in front of them. We are not showing intense romance. It was just a part of script. Why are they biased towards us?”

Contrary to the rumors, as made clear by Mahesh, the movie is not based on the Salman Khan‘s incident but he doesn’t deny references from the case in the picture. Celina Jaitley plays Sonam Chopra who accidentally steers her car into Prakash Shrivastava, played by Farooque Shaikh. Abhimany Singh plays Sid, Sonam’s drug peddler boyfriend.

The movie has been in lime light for a whole lot of things and it is expected to draw a huge mileage by claiming that it is based on references from Salman’s infamous hit-and-run-incident.

‘Accident on Hill Road’ hits the screens on the December 31st.

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