Mallika No Longer Silent

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Despite her position to stop talking to the media two years ago, Mallika Sherawat has broken her silence. The reason she has decided to speak out is because of two controversies that have actress in the center of them.

The first controversy the actress is involved in deals with the film Fauj Mein Mauj. It is said that after shooting a big chunk of the film, the actress expressed to the producer that she would complete the film only if the director was changed. Mallika explained: “Never! I never said that. All I said was that the script wasn’t shaping up to everyone’s satisfaction and it would be great if we re-worked on it. It’s a great plot and everyone felt that it deserves a better screenplay. It’s the producer’s call, how can I dictate terms?”

The second controversy involving the actress comes from Studio 18. The studio has made a complaint against the actress to the producer’s association (MPPA). The studio is saying that after signing a film, Mallika then had a problem with Kundan Shah on particular issues. She says: “False! I am ready to work with Kundan-ji even today. He’s someone I truly admire. Jaane Bhi DoYaaro is a cult film, one of my favourites. But it was clearly decided that things would be mutually discussed at the very outset. If the problems are sorted out, I’d love to work with Kundan-ji. Why not?”

Well hopefully that clears the air and the actress can go about filmmaking in peace.

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