Manoj Kumar takes legal action against Om Shanti Om

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Actor Manoj Kumar has initiated action against the makers of Om Shanti Om for releasing the film in Japan without deleting his scenes and this time, apparently there is no way that he is going to spare them.

The veteran actor had expected the producers and distributors to delete the scenes as they had promised. When he found out that they have not done as said, he was very disappointed. “I didn’t expect this. My solicitors are now going to handle the matter as they feel I am taking it lightly,” he said.

Six years ago when Om Shanti Om released, Manoj Kumar had not taken the spoof on him too kindly and wanted those scenes deleted. He had also obtained an order from the court asking his scenes to be deleted before the satellite screening of the film.

When Farah Khan was contacted regarding this, she said that she is not aware of the scenes being there. “I was in Japan but I have not watched the film, so I don’t know. We had deleted the scenes six years ago itself, so if an old print has been sent for the premiere then it is not my responsibility. We are on good terms with Manoj ji and I am sure he is very happy and proud of the success of the film doing so well internationally,” she stated.


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