Masumeh is Becoming Massive

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It’s not only Priyanka Chopra who has a string of potential hits flooding into the cinemas near you, Masumeh (Masumi Makhija) is also hoping to catch our attention with three in Saas, Bahu aur Sensex and Alibaug. She will also hope to appeal to UK fans with a brief appearance in Sharpe’s Peril, the latest TV movie about the perennially popular 19th century soldier.

This sultry siren of the south made us sit up and notice with her debut film Chupke Se and then proved herself in Maqbool, before moving on to movies such as Woh Lamhe and Dus Kahaniyaan.

What is Masumeh’s philosophy of life? “I love to live a carefree life. Enjoy every moment that has been given by god,” she says. And what type of scripts does she find coming her way? “I have got good scripts,” she explains. “But I have waited long enough for them. I’m living proof that if you have talent and you work hard and believe in yourself you will succeed.”

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