Mauja on Melrose Place

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Just when you thought the world couldn’t get more Bollywood, Hollywood does a retake and includes one of the most popular dance numbers on a popular television show. The New Melrose Place, a remake of the old popular show hosted a Bollywood infused theme party in the season premiere only to play ‘Mauja Hi Mauja’ from Jab We Met in the background.

As the characters frolicked and mingled, a hoard of Desi dancers were seen in the background dancing to Mauja and representing Bollywood in all its grandeur. The dancers are from the acclaimed group, Bollywood Step Dance who have performed with A.R. Rahman, Bipasha Basu and a number of other prominent actors. They are well-known in the Los Angeles area.

And Mauja wasn’t the only Desi representation on the show. Popular Tabla Girl, Tina Sugandh, whose first album just released, was heard crooning in the background. Her song ‘Break Me’ was involved in a pivotal scene involving the main characters.

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