Minissha set to shine as Mahi in Bachna Ae Haseeno

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Minissha Lamba who’s known from her films, Corporate, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd and Dus Kahaniyaan is ready to prove herself as a versatile actress in her latest offering Bachna Ae Haseeno. Miss Lamba is only 23 years-old and is clearly enjoying herself. Moreover, if there’s someone in Bollywood who deserves this, it’s definitely her! After doing a lot of small yet noticeable work in her films, she’s ready to shine in Yash Raj’s latest. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Minissha talked all things filmi.

Minissha is a born optimist and when she was asked whether she had any regrets of not following her dream of becoming a journalist she replied: “Not at all. No regrets. When things are going positive and you’re happy being where you are, there will never be regrets.”

Minissha revealed that she did not audition or have to give a screen test and told the story of how she landed the role of Mahi. “Well, it was as simple as me getting a call from the producers of our film ,Mr. Chopra, who wanted to meet me. I didn’t know for what. When I met him, I discovered that some project was happening and in a few days time I was told to come and listen to the script. Of course, one doesn’t have to listen or have a second thought about working with Yash Raj Films and that’s how BAH happened,” said Minissha.

She went on to talk about her character very enthusiastically saying: “My character, Mahi, is a girl who is bred on DDLJ. She was bred on the perfect romance, which was between Raj and Simran in DDLJ, and here she is out looking for her perfect Raj. That’s what she wants in her life, a perfect fairy tale ending to her love story.”

She also talked about working with Bollywood’s latest hunk Ranbir Kapoor. “We both were very shy. So, it did take time for us to open and be friendly but once we did get along, I discovered that Ranbir is a riot. He is so easy to get along with and a gentleman to the core. Working with him was fun, fabulous, and supportive. It makes your working day even more pleasurable when you’re working with the people with whom you share the same wave length,” she said.

She was asked about the experience working with the other two leading ladies Bipasha and Deepika and she replied: “Well, we have very limited time onscreen together but whatever time we have is cherished because we got to be with each other for sometime at least. It’s great to share screen space with everyone.”

Minissha is only 3 years old, well in the film industry, and she feels that since Corporate, “I’ve become more professional and that I’ve become more aware of my surroundings,” she said.

When asked whether she had any message for her fans she replied: “Thank you so much of being so supportive of my films and me. Please watch Bachna Ae Haseeno. It’s a film that you will enjoy and the experience that you will take home with you will be even more fulfilling.”

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