Minissha’s best friend not diamonds but Chocolate

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Bollywood hottie, Minissha Lamba, that’s apparently hot enough to make most men sweat, has been breaking quite the sweat herself lately, being busy with engagements after engagements.

From being busy completing the patch up dubbing for ‘Bheja Fry 2‘, to her recent performance in the Kuwait festival. Not to mention her having to shoot for the up-coming movie ‘Joker ‘in Chandigarh and then her moms art exhibition party…a lot of work for a pretty girl indeed. At-least so thought Minissha’s loving friends, who were quite disappointed by the long absence of her company.

So staying true to her friends, Minissha gave which all friends need…her precious quality time, and if that didn’t make it up, then a late night movie, followed by treating the girl-gang to a feast of chocolate at new place in suburb which serves just chocolate delicacies really brought all the merry to the making. Nothing sweetens the mood up, like a sweet tooth eh?

Onlookers eagerly watched Minissha enjoyably satisfying her cravings, from ice creams to cakes and enjoying her friends company without a care in the world like no tomorrow, truly the break she long needed. So whats the moral? – friends in greed can be a friends in need, when the deed they greed be – innocently hogging on chocolate…diabetic friends, being the exception of-course.

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