Mona Singh Feels Like An Idiot

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Mona Singh, who appears in Aamir Khan’s new movie 3 Idiots, still remembers how she felt the first time she met him. She was doing a photoshoot for Filmfare. “I was shooting for Filmfare and Aamir was there for his movie,” she says, “It was a week before I started with him on his project. I was confused and didn’t know what to say. Aamir also said that he has seen my show Jassi and liked my work. He is a very down to earth and nice person.”

Her shooting for 3 Idiots finishes in July and she says she’s had a great time doing the movie, “With Boman Irani and Kareena and the other star cast it was a good experience. We cracked jokes and had a gala time,” she confides.

Unlike many actresses, Mona could claim to have had an official stamp of approval. When her popular TV show Jassi received the honour of having a limited print run of stamps issued by the Indian Post Office, she felt very proud, “The most emotional moment for me was when the Post Office generated the limited postcards and stamps with Jassi being printed on them,” she states, “I felt so proud as it had never happened with anyone who is alive. I thought as if I have really made my parents feel proud of me.”

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