More about Preity’s ‘Heaven on Earth’…

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She hasn’t had a release since Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, but she hasn’t stopped working. With a slew of films lined up for this year, with meaty roles, Preity Zinta looks forward to several kinds of films she’s never done. On the list is Deepa Mehta’s Heaven on Earth which wrapped up filming months ago in Canada.

Most are aware that it is the story of a battered Pubjabi housewife named Chand, but the story in fact goes far beyond that. Recent reports say that the film shows Preity’s character creating an alternate world for herself, stemming from her imagination, to take herself away from the horrors of daily life. Deepa’s favourite, Seema Biswas, will also be part of the film.

Currently Deepa Mehta is working on the film’s score with composer Mychael Danna who has also done the music for films like Capote and Little Miss Sunshine.

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