Mothers Day Special – three easy, elegant and time saving hairstyles

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With Mothers’ Day on the 15th of March, celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo shares some of his top tips to ensure you look fabulous on that special day.

Sensuous waves wavesSensuous waves give beautiful texture to your hair. It is quite easy to do on your own. When you have so much to do and have to attend to the kids all day long, nothing feels more relaxing than making a change and adding some serious waves and texture to your hair.

How To Get This Look? 

Step 1: Divide wet hair into five sections.

Step 2: Twist the sections until they become tight and close to the head.

Step 3: Let your hair completely dry. Use a hair dryer on the wet areas if you don’t have time.

Step 4: When it is completely dry, loosen the hair and enjoy your natural sensuous waves.

TIP: Use creation spray from GHD to damp hair, which will hold the texture.

Top knot sleek bunTop Knots are perfect this season and gives the face a perfect lift. All you need is a hair band and a bobby pin to create that perfect top knot for that special day.

How To Get This Look? 

Step 1: Tie your hair back on top of your head.

Step 2: Twist the hair in a bun on top of the head.

Step 3: So that it looks slightly softer and not like a perfect ballet bun so don’t make it too tight

TIP: Let it be loose on your head and allow a few strands to fall out gently.

Fishtail Braid

Whether perfectly neat or purposely messy, the texture and seemingly complicated pattern of this sea-inspired style provide a refreshing visual twist. Turn your hair into high-fashion form—with these easy to do steps

How To Get This Look? 

Step 1:  Brush and Section: Divide your hair into two large sections down the middle. You can use a comb to part your hair evenly to achieve a sharper look.

Step 2:  Weave from the left: From the left section, take a strand of hair from the left side and pull it over the top of the rest of the left section. Grasp it under the right section. Ultimately, you are pulling the strand over the left section and under the right section.

Step 3:  Weave from the right: Repeat step 2 on the other side. Take the thin strand of hair over the right section and end it under the left section.

Step 4:  Continue: Continue steps 2 and 3 and keep alternating sides weaving over and under until you reach the bottom of the braid.

Step 5:  Finish: Tie the end of the braid using an elastic or hair tie.

TIP: Apply a little hairspray to keep it in perfect shape

Credit Asgar Saboo:
Photo credit: Javed Mohammed

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