Movie Makers Cash in on Shiney Rape Accusation

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While the Shiney Ahuja case is still under severe scrutiny by officials, C-Grade film makers have decided to cash in on the situation and a film titled “Champak-The Shying” has recently going into production. While the film may be a low-budget filmed and consist of unknown actors, the director is making sure the film is as genuine as the real life story, “Basically I don’t know Shiney Ahuja personally, but I have few friends who know him and I just talked to them to get more information so that I can portray my role as well as I can,” claims director Qamar Hajipuri. He further went on to say that the film is just like any other film and will be publicized just like any other, “Telling the truth is a big thing as is listening to the truth. I am telling you that I am making a film on the subject. The way companies advertise their goods, we are also advertising our film.” Actor Hiten Rajgou will play Shiney Ahuja while Divya will play the maid servant.

Adding competition to Champak-The Shying, is Rape directed by Ace C-Grade filmmaker Kanti Shah. The film is supposed to be incredibly honest and “bashful.” Previously when Madhur Bandarkar was accused of rape by Preeti Jain, the C-Grade film industry was quick to cash in on the case and out popped the film Madhubala “exploiting the case.”

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