Murdered British Teen Inspires Bollywood Movie

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For the last few weeks, the front pages of most British newspapers have been full of allegations of police incompetence, cover-ups and the risks of following the new hippie trail to the paradise island of Goa.

This follows the tragic alleged murder of 15-year-old teenager Scarlett Keeling. Her sad story in fact reads like a movie script so it’s not entirely surprising that a Bollywood movie is now planned to tell her tale as a warning to others. It will be called ‘Rave Party‘. Acclaimed Bollywood director Prabhakar Sukla will be filming some of the tale in Goa and will be using the movie to highlight her social concerns as what she sees as frightening trends on the island – the drug culture, corruption and organised crime in particular.

Two people have been arrested in connection with Scarlett’s murder and her mother feels there is a strong link to organised crime in the case.

Prabukhar has approached British Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif to take part in the movie. He says, “The whole film is against drug abuse and the exploitation of tourists. Not just in India, but all around the world, real-life cinema such as this is attracting curiosity.”

Prabukhar has not yet spoken to Fiona McKeown, Scarlett’s mother, who has expressed reservations about the movie, fearing it may show her daughter in a bad light, “I’d like to know how they’re going to portray it, or I won’t approve it.” she said, “I’m not sure about calling it Rave Party. Scarlett was not at a party. She was raped and murdered on the beach.”

Scarlett’s mother has also come in for some strong criticism. After an argument, it is alleged, Scarlett was effectively abandoned by her mother for several weeks whilst her mother and her partner pursued their own interests on the island. On the night of the alleged murder, she had been spotted by witnesses at 4am surrounded by men in a bar and acting ‘high’ possibly through the use of ecstasy and cocaine.

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