Music Talk with the popular singer Jubin Nautiyal & upcoming composer Viraal!

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There has never been a better time for new musical talents in the vast world of Bollywood music. With many existing and well established artists creating their own music production houses, there are now more platforms to showcase new and deserving musical talents. Rapper and music producer Arya Acharya (Aap Kaa Surroor and Bodyguard fame), recently launched his own music production house Arya Entertainment. In this special music talk feature, I was fortunate enough to interview two wonderful musicians who are associated with Arya Entertainment – popular singing sensation Jubin Nautiyal (singer of ‘Humma Humma’, Kaabil and more) and upcoming composer Viraal (composer of the single Albeliya). To learn more about these talented people, enjoy reading our conversation!

Viraal, please share the details of your musical background thus far.
I am feeling very lucky. Step by step, I am climbing up in Bollywood. Definitely soon, I hope the entire Bollywood industry will notice my music! This is just beginning for me. Much more music is on its way!
Jubin, congratulations on the success of your songs in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Rustom, Ok Jaanu and Kaabil. How does it feel to be recognised for your hard work?
Thank you, it feels great to be able to reach out to people and get so much love for something I love to do. An artist is driven by the want for ‘taali’ claps, applause. It is said that an artist gets spoilt when he gets his 1st applause from his audience, and I think I am also spoilt by the love I am getting from the industry and my fans.
As an upcoming composer and lyricist Viraal, how does it feel to have a popular singer such as Jubin Nautiyal rendering your compositions?
As a upcoming composer and lyricist, I feel really really great to have the sensational and youth hearththrob voice of Jubin. I personally like his voice so much. The innocence and honesty of his voice touches my soul. As a composer, I can’t express my happiness in words. It is a really great feeling.
Jubin, Hrithik Roshan has been your fan prior to Kaabil. How did it feel to be singing for someone like Hrithik?
Hrithik got introduced to my voice at the Mirchi awards. That’s where he heard me, when I sang a little bit of ‘Zindagi’ from Bajrangi Bhaijaan on receiving the award for it. I have been a die hard Hrithik fan, since ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’ (Kaho Na Pyar Hai). He is a great human being, a true artist and I am a proud fan. Getting to sing for him in such a big way is amazing. He called me to congratulate me, and I will never forget that moment all my life. Thank you Hrithik, always!
Jubin, You began learning music at a young age. What drew you to music and what are your favourite instruments to play?
My Father’s passion for Rafi saab and my Mom’s  love for Kishore Da introduced me to Bollywood music since I was little. It was a seed then and now is a tree growing in me, stronger day by day. I play the guitar, piano, mainly. Now I am trying my hands at the flute and Uud (Mandarin style instrument).


Viraal, how has the experience of working with Arya Entertainment and Jubin been?

I feel Arya Entertainment have given me very big break. The philosophy of Arya Entertainment is that deserving talents must get a platform to show their talents, and at beginning, they have given me the opportunity to work with Bollywood’s hottest singers and all A grade musicians. My debut song Albeliya was sung by the famous sufi singer Krishna Beuraa. After that, I got the opportunity to work with Jubin.
Jubin, As well as working in mainstream Bollywood music, you are working in the independent music scene. Please share your experience of working with Arya Entertainment.
I met Arya a year back when we did some work together. He is talented and a passionate musician, and that’s why we connected. Independent music is amazing, it is free in thought and feel. I am always open to creating or being a part in the creation of a new sound. I am happy Arya Entertainment is doing that, and they have my best wishes always!
Viraal, please tell us about your forthcoming song with Jubin and your thoughts behind its creation. 
First I recorded a Hindi song which is a great musical treat for all listeners. After that song, I literally fell in love with Jubin’s voice and his way of singing. So I wanted to do some more experiments with his voice. I then recorded 5 different genres of songs in his voice during last year. One of the songs is a Bollywood style Gujrati song and it has been written in my mother tongue Gujarati. It will be Jubin’s 1 Gujarati song.
Jubin, please share your experience of working with debutante composer Viraal?
Viraal is a good boy, an honest musician, and that shows in his work. His vulnerability will be the strength of his music and wait for it, he will strike hard.
Jubin, we have sadly seen a decline in the Hindi independent music scene over the years. Music composer Himesh Reshammiya is trying to revive it and recently released a private album. Do you think the independent music scene can topple Bollywood music and go back to how strong it was, or do you think that film music will continue to remain popular?
A new sound always comes from independent music and I am a strong believer of that. Just waiting for the right time, and then I will focus all my attention on trying to get that time back (when independent music was popular). It is a time I definitely miss!
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