Namrata Singh Gujral has Breast Cancer

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American Indian actress Namrata Singh Gujral of Kaante fame, in which she featured alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Bravely, the actress is working on a short movie One a Minute, to spread awareness of the disease, alongside other actresses such as Olivia Newton-John, Jaclyn Smith, Mumtaz and Priya Dutt.

Born in Dharamsala, Namrata is a graduate of the University of West Florida and for five years was Nurse Kathy in NBC’s Passions. She was also the first star of Indian origin to feature on CMT with the Country/Bollywood track Dancing in the Clouds.

Namrata, the star of Americanising Shelley, has suspended filming on her current projects whilst she undergoes treatment but is looking forward to taking the lead in two upcoming Bollywood movies – Mitsein and Himalayan Rhapsody.

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