Nandana Sen’s provocative scene gets cut!

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In Ketan Mehta’s new movie with Randeep Hooda, Rang Rasiya, there was a scene which clearly showed Nandana Sen’s voluptuous breasts. But the key word here is ‘was’ because – sorry, guys – the censor has cut it. However, there’s guaranteed to still be plenty more to see in a Ketan Mehta movie. He’s the not-exactly prolific director who brought us Bhavni Bhavai, Mirch Masala and of course Mangal Pandey: The Rising.

Nandana is the daughter of Nobel-prize winning Economist Amartya Sen, famous for his work on micro credit which has revolutionized rural development in South Asia. She has a very interesting film call, having appeared in Black, where she played Rani Mukherjee’s sister, Tango Charlie, My Wife’s Murder, Marigold and Strangers.

In some ways, Nandana is a bit of a misfit in Bollywood, coming from an internationally acclaimed academic family and having traveled extensively all her life. Does she find this a problem? “It doesn’t really matter where I come from. What matters is how I connect with audiences,” she says, “I’m not from a film family, not from Mumbai, didn’t know anyone here. I didn’t know how to go about making a career in Bollywood. But I was determined to do what came naturally to me.”

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