Natalie Portman – Bollywood Princess

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Used to playing the role of a princess (Padme Amadala in Star Wars), top Israeli-American superstar, Natalie Portman will now be playing the role of a Bollywood princess in boyfriend Devendra Banhart’s new music video.

The V for Vendetta actress is rescued by Peruvian singer Devendra in the promo material for ‘Carmensita’. Subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen saying, “The princess whose golden beauty sang through the soul of heaven waited three full eclipses for her love to return.” At the end of the video, she is reincarnated as an octopus.

Ultra-smart Natalie — she has a degree in Psychology from Harvard — seems to go for clever, hairy men — but is this true love at last? “He’s funny, scary-smart and in love with her,” says an industry insider, “This is a serious one, and they seem to be in it for the long haul. I’ve never seen her so in love or connected to somebody. I definitely wouldn’t be shocked if he popped the question (of marriage) soon,”

The video is readily available on YouTube and is a fun parody of early-seventies devotional Bollywood movie. The song’s pretty good too. Natalie looks fantastic and you can’t help thinking she ought to try her hand at a real Bollywood movie. She will be seen opposite Bollywood star Irrfan Khan in a Mira Nair short film titled Kosher Vegetarian part of a 12 film anthology New York, I Love You.

Natalie has recently been seen in a film about Goya called Ghosts and in The Other Boleyn Girl. She is actively involved in animal welfare organisations and has worked for the animal rights charity PETA.

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