Neetu develops cold feet after MNS controversy!

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After facing the wrath of political affiliates while doing a bold and scandalous bikini photo shoot for a men’s magazine, actress Neetu Chandra has now developed cold feet.

Recently, while the actress was shooting for The Man magazine at a 3-star hotel with model Krishikka Gupta, a group of regular male customers started shouting ‘Jai Maharashtra’ slogans and threatened action from Raj Thackeray’s Maharashrtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). They even tried to confiscate the camera, resulting in the shoot having to be abruptly called off.

After talking about the incident, the actress has suddenly developed cold feet. In an attempt to backtrack and do a volte-face, Neetu has now stated on her Facebook account, “nothing like that ever happened”.

Earlier, Neetu was quoted by Mid-Day, saying, “The hotel management didn’t tell us to leave because of complaints from other guests but it was a mob of over 80 people that disrupted the shoot… They were being a nuisance and that’s why we halted the shoot.”

In The Asian Age today, she has given contradictory quotes feigning ignorance. “I didn’t know anything about this controversy… It was shocking… Neither our bodies were touching, nor are we kissing… I am a Bihari and this can cause a lot of trouble.”

But publicist Dale Bhagwagar who broke the news, has stuck to the report. “It’s strange that Neetu is trying to take the media for a ride now, denying the whole incident. A lot of people were witness to it. Above all, I have Neetu on record talking much more about the incident and indecent attitude of the group that created the ruckus and brought the shoot to a halt,” said the publicist.

In Neetu’s words (recorded) to the publicist, she has stated, that “the shoot was about how men find sensual female bodies very attractive. It was aesthetically done but the public did not let the shoot happen and we had to cancel it. The members of this group were chauvinist attention seekers. We are part of a hypocrite society and these were frustrated old men. When females are around in bikini and swimwear, they (such men) always want attention… ke humein bhi dekho. But who wants to see them?”

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