Neetu Happy to Be Building Her Career On Her Terms

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Widely tipped as having a big Bollywood career ahead of her, actress Neetu Chandra says she’s content for the moment to be working in the South, having just had another big hit with the excellent ghost movie Yaavarum Nalam – 13B in the Hinidi version. “I’m not someone to think of Bollywood as bigger than Tamil films,” she says, “Despite a big career in Hindi, I am making time to do more South Indian films. Currently, I have been signed up to play the heroine in Vishal’s Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai. I have heard about Vishal and I am eager to act in his film. I have also committed to do another Tamil film, which is for Big Pictures. But no, it is not a sequel to Yaavarum Nalam.”

Yaavarum Nalam recently passed the 100-day mark in the cinemas and has so far grossed an impressive 13 crores – a sizeable sum for such a small budget movie. “We are delighted with the 100 day milestone that Yaavarum Nalam has crossed,” said Sunir Khetepal of Big Pictures, “It was a challenging film to market and distribute and we were able to do so effectively.”

Neetu has been playing down her controversial intimate photoshoot with model Krishhika Gupta and has said it’s just a case of two girls looking intimate in order to raise male interest. “I very much knew what I was doing and never got carried away,” she explains, “But if there is even an iota of doubt in anyone’s mind, let me make it clear once and for all that I am not a lesbian.” She goes on to explain that the photos are a modern depiction of a tradition dating back to the famous Ajanta Ellora paintings.

It’s said that Neetu has also been approached by M Night Shyamalan to play the lead in his next Hollywood movie.

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