Neha Oberoi is a Hot Item

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In a year when most Bollywood films are biting the dust and old established stars are looking over their shoulders in terror at the next wave of icons rushing up behind them, Neha Oberoi must be seen by many as one of the biggest threats of all. Her appearance in Woodstock Villa has certainly turned many heads following her earlier foray into Bollywood with Dus Kahaniyaan. Her next movie will be EMI (Easy Monthly Installments) with Sanjay Dutt.

Seeing advertising hoardings carries images promoting her new video, she says, “Every woman likes to be called sexy. And I’m no exception, especially because I’ve carried off a look which is a far cry from the real me.”

So why didn’t this self-processed shy, simple and sweet girl want to do something in character? “It’s far more exciting to do something not expected of you,” she says, “This role was more challenging and exciting.”

Neha’s great weakness is buying shoes. “I am terrible when it comes to buying shoes, I simply lose all reason and go for it if it catches my eye.” She claims she can’t even count the number of shoes that she has.

Neha is still single and unattached, guys. As she says, “I’m single, but dating is not off my radar. I’m like any other girl looking forward to falling in love. I don’t believe that it would take away my focus from work. But I’m not desperate to fall in love either.”

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