Nisha Kothari re-christened as Priyanka Kothari

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Ram Gopal Varma’s latest protege, Nisha Kothari, has decided to refrain from using Nisha as her screen name any longer. In fact, she is returning to her roots and has decided to use her real name, Priyanka Kothari.

She tells IndiaFM, “I have always been Priyanka, that’s my real name. My bills, passport, every other identity document has me listed as Priyanka. It’s just that in the industry I was rechristened Nisha. However, I was never happy to be called by a different name. It’s so odd when all these years you have been called by one name and suddenly you are required to respond to a different name.”

Let’s hope a new identity gives Nisha, or rather, Priyanka a new lease of life at the box office…cause she definitely needs it!

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