No One Killed Jessica First Look

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Rajkumar Gupta’s biographical look at Jessica Lal and her murder, No One Killed Jessica will hit cinema’s January 7th. The film stars Rani Mukherjee, who plays a hard hitting reporter and Vidya Balan plays Jessica Lal’s sister, who is determined to put the murderers of her sister behind bars. While the director has come out to claim that his film is simply inspired by the Jessica Lal case and is not a complete depiction, the plot bears an uncanny resemblance to the story.

Set in Delhi, the film will follow the trials and tribulations of the case as it was shut by the courts after they claimed there wasn’t enough evidence to punish the accusers. This led to a nationwide protest which forced the Indian courts to take another look at the Jessica Lal case. Jessica Lal was a model who lived in the capital and was murdered at a sociality party. Onlookers all pointed to a prominent politician’s son and while the case took years to solve, justice was finally served.

Take a peek at the first look!

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