No Words of Wisdom from Aamir-Mamu for Imran

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It is generally assumed that when you hail from a filmi family your existence in the battlefield that is the Hindi Film Industry becomes far more plausible than it would if you’re a stranger to the world. Not only do you get an easy debut, you also get words of wisdom from those near and dear to you who have already travelled the path you walk on now. However this may not exactly be the case for our very own Imran Khan.

Whilst the heartthrob may have gotten his break easily in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na courtesy of uncle Aamir Khan’s production house, releases after his debut film go to show that Aamir has very little if any influence on this young Khan’s career graph. With the failure of Kidnap and Luck it is very much evident that had words of wisdom from the perfectionist been influencing Imran it is very unlikely that these two films would not have been signed. Imran confirms this too by saying that Aamir definitely is not present in his career, “Aamir is really busy with his own career. He is generally very caught up with his own work. Being busy as he is, he really doesn’t have the time to babysit me.”

Imran currently is basking in the success of his last Friday’s release I Hate Luv Storys and went on to say that currently no project was in sight that would see the uncle-nephew duo coming together onscreen, however he remains very keen for such a project if it comes along.

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