Now a Hindi Version of Wedding Crashers

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Everyone knows that some Hindi films are “inspired” by Hollywood films. However, now it seems things are slowly changing. Orion Pictures is in negotiation with Warner Brothers to remake a film that was a big hit in 2005, Wedding Crashers.

Mukesh Talreja of Orion Pictures said, “I have seen Wedding Crashers and it is ideal for being made into a Bollywood film. In India marriage is a big event, and that’s what the film is all about. It has all the emotions that a Bollywood potboiler needs.”

About getting the rights to make the film he said, “I first spoke to Blaise Fernandes who is here in India from Warner and then I met Richard Fox, head of Warner Brothers. I will start talking to the actors after I receive an official letter. We have some major stars in mind, but we are yet to finalise them.”

He added, “We are lucky to have Warner Brothers who have the copyrights of about 18000 films, and we are trying to set an example by doing things the right way instead of copying the film. Warner will be our worldwide distributors and will also be presenting the film so there is no money involved as such as far as rights are concerned. It makes things much easier for us as the kind of money they talk is completely unaffordable for us.”

Blaise Fernandes of Warner Brothers India confirms they are in talks and said, “Yes, we are talking to Orion Pictures on the possibilities of re making Wedding Crashers in India. Orion has shown keen interest in this project and they (Orion) have lined up some of the best talent for this project. Both WB and Orion will come back to you on this project the moment we have finalized the details.”

We will be sure to report who will direct and who will star in this version of the super hit comedy so check back here soon!

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