Now it’s RGV vs. SLB on Twitter!

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While Sanjay Leela Bhansali isn’t on Twitter, it hasn’t stopped the likes of Ram Gopal Verma from expressing his disgust for Bhansali’s upcoming film Guzaarish. In the past, RGV has taken potshots at Karan Johar and while KJo has always come back with public rebuttals, it is more than likely that SLB will not. Apparently after viewing the promos of Guzaarish, the director was put off with a particular scene. “Just can’t stand the close-up of Hrithik’s teeth being brushed by Ash…Anyday will watch Dhoom 2 ten times again,” he tweeted.

While director to Guzaarish Bhansali, isn’t on Twitter, the news of RGV’s disapproval did reach his ears and needless to say, it didn’t sit well with the director. “I really have no time or patience with this sort of behavior. Ramu has always met me with much enthusiasm about my films in the past. So if he had an opinion on Guzaarish he should have shared it with me instead of putting it on Twitter. And by the way, doesn’t he have a release coming up [Rakta Charitra]? He should just focus on that instead of worrying about the content of other people’s films,” he debated.

RGV is known for expressing his opinions on his counterpart’s films and doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at himself. In the past, he has called out Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum and We Are Family; Karan Johar is clearly his favorite muse.

Strangely, the director has always been fond of Bhansali’s work and thus, this remark has come as a slight shock to the fraternity. In fact a source close to SLB went on to claim, “Ramu should just stop discussing other people’s works in public. Karan Johar might give Ramu tit for tat and move on. But Sanjay is a different person. He won’t take kindly to premature observations about his film. He believes that if he doesn’t comment on other people’s work, why should they?”

In addition, RGV also went to tweet after his tweet regarding Guzaarish, “But then I am the maker of Aag!”

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