“Ode to a Muchchee” – Vivek Oberoi’s Rakht Charitra Diaries

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It has been debated among fans whether they like it or not, but it was necessary for Vivek to grow a muchchee to play his role of Ravi in Rakht Charitra! Now, however Vivek Oberoi ke muchchee ki chutti ho chuki hai…Watch on to say your last goodbyes to the face fur…and hello to the new chikna Vivek!

Yes, we have a new episode of Vivek Oberoi’s Rakht Charitra Diaries from his official site!

This one is an Ode to a Muchchee

Not only does Vivek have the release of Rakht Charitra to look forward to on the 22nd of October, the next week is even bigger in the life of the star. Vivek is getting married on the 29th of October. From everyone here at Bollyspice we wish him all love and happiness in the next phase of his life.

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