On Hold: What Happened?

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As Bollywood fans, we often look to our favorite stars for fashion tips about appearance, after all, they do tend to know what they are doing right? Well, for the most part, you’re correct. However, there are those rare occasions where some of the most fashionable of them commit some serious fashion faux pas and other mistakes, for example a really bad hair do, making us wonder…where was the fashion police and more importantly: What Happened? 2008 saw such occurrences and BollySpice decided to give you a peak at some of those appearance blunders that made us cringe!

Hrithik Roshan at Rock On Concert

Even superstars like Hrithik Roshan commit such mistakes. When fans heard he would be gracing the stage at best friend Farhan Akhtar’s Rock On!! Concert, they were thrilled! However, he turned up looking like the Big Foot monster adorned with an afro and hairy beard to match it. For one, fans barely recognized him and behind all that fluff, his usual sexy avatar seemed to have gotten lost. While we are unsure if it is a new get up for his next or current venture, we hope he goes back to his cleaner ways soon!

Kareena Kapoor’s Size Zero Antics

The Kapoor khandan is known for having foodie issues, especially when it comes to over eating. Kareena Kapoor who was known for her healthy look took a drastic change in 2008, dropping in many sizes to become a size zero. While the initial reports bragged that she looked spectacular, it wasn’t until she arrived on the big screen adorning a bikini and singing ‘Chaliya’ in Tashan, that fans realized that she looked under nourished. Our advice to Kareena, eat a few extra meals and enjoy your food babe because at the rate you’re going, we may just see you disappear!

Salman Khan at Sukun Park

To promote Yuvvraaj (Lord knows that movie needed it), Salman Khan decided to turn up at Sukun Park and spend time with some children there. Before you “aw” and “ooh” over his good deed, which it was, his appearance was one which caused much more of a mouth dropping scene. The usually stylish and groomed Sallu turned up in over-bleached hair which was too long for his own good! Clearly, he too was inconvenienced by his untamed hair because it did nothing for his good looks. Perhaps a trip to the salon is much required, kyun Sallu Bhai?

Priyanka’s red do

Everyone knows she only took on the role for the love of her life Harman Baweja, although she stays adamant on denying their relationship using the “just friends” line. However, Love Story 2050 was a complete dud at the box office and her red hairdo was not one that will be imitated by the young girls. The red was added to give her a more futuristic look but managed to do anything but that. The crimson color made audiences squirm and all we wanted was Priyanka back in her usual healthy tresses!

So there you have it. Next time you commit a fashion blunder be it hair or getting to thin, don’t feel too bad because even the best of Bollywood stars do the same!

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