Out of India – SRK and Kajol Fly To US

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Kajol and SRK have teamed up with Karan Johar in San Francisco for a two-month shoot for the movie My Name Is Khan. It will be particularly difficult for Kajol to be away from her husband Ajay Devgan as the two are known to be as close as a pair of binary stars.

The film is based on a true story of a man who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a relatively common form of autism, making it difficult for him to interact in a normal way with other people. Because of his strange behaviour, he gets arrested in the US on suspicion of being a terrorist. Seen as being very different from Karan Johar’s previous works, the movie has not been without its difficulties. “We were to shoot in a mosque in Los Angeles and hard as Karan tried to convince the authorities that his film would not propagate anti-social values, he was denied permission,” says actor Arif Zakaria, “We finally shot the two-day scene with Shah Rukh Khan on the set of a mosque constructed at The Club in Andheri.”

Kajol obviously enjoys being back working with Karan as she has signed up to be part of his remake of the Susan Sarandon starrer Stepmom. Kareena Kapoor will be picking up the role played by Julia Roberts in the original. “Kajol is my favourite actress, to be pitched against her is a dream for me,” she says, “We didn’t have many scenes together in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. But here it’s the two of us all the way. Julia Roberts had rocked in the original. I want to make my role in the remake just as exciting.”

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