Padmaavat Dialog Promos Times 4

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Starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat along with rave reviews is hitting high numbers at the box office the world over! The film is doing so well in North America it is actually expanding to even more theaters this weekend.

Set in 1303 AD medieval India, Padmaavat is the story of honor, valor and obsession. Queen Padmavati is known for her exceptional beauty along with a strong sense of justice and is the wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh and pride of the Kingdom of Chittor, a prosperous kingdom in the north west of India. The legend of her beauty reaches the reigning sultan of Hindustan – Allaudin Khilji. The sultan who is a tyrant, is fixated with wanting anything that is of exceptional beauty for himself. He lays siege on the impregnable fortress of Chittorgarh. After a grueling 6 months, he returns empty handed. He becomes obsessed and now wants to capture Chittor and its Queen at any cost. He returns with a bigger army and raging fury. He attacks Chittor with brutal force and a bloody and fearsome battle takes places between the righteous Maharawal Ratan Singh defending his kingdom and the honor of his queen and Sultan Allaudin Khilji. Khilji manages to breach the fortress but in vain as the Queen chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect her dignity.

We thought we would share some more insights into this epic film with these dialog promos!

Stay tuned we have an epic interview with Deepika Padukone and a short but fabulous one with Ranveer Singh as well!

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