Parno Mitra Making her Mark

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Parno Mitra’s career has gotten off to a magical start with her award for Best Actress for the serial Mohona. How does she feel about this? “I’m in seventh heaven!” she says. “I was expecting a nomination for the Best Debutante. But when I was nominated in the Best Actress category, I couldn’t believe it! I had to pinch myself to believe that I had actually won. The feeling hasn’t sunk in yet!”

Parno’s known to be a bit of a party animal with Kolkata nightclub Soho being her favourite. “The colour combination and lights are just perfect here,” she explains. “This is the place where I just want to enjoy some good music while relaxing on the sofa. I have visited nightclubs in Mumbai and Delhi but I must say, Kolkata discos are the best. In other metros, we’re not allowed to party till morning but here we can enjoy it as we want to. Moreover, Kolkata’s very safe.”

Will Parno be moving to Bollywood soon? “Right now, I’m caught up with Khela and Mohona. But since both will be over soon, I’ll consider trying my luck in Mumbai again,” she revealed.

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