Permission Not Granted to Shoot

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Jawahar L. Jairath’s forthcoming feature film Phaans- Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani had faced many hurdles during it shooting. While Jawahar had intended to shoot in Pakistan and at Wagha border, he was forced to build sets of both. Pakistan did not give permission and Wagha border was not safe for the unit hands and artists.

Another problem came when Jawahar’s character was required to offer Namaj and pray for the well being of his grand daughter who had gone to Pakistan to acquire the documents for Indian Government. “But authorities at the Mosque could not give permission to shoot there. So eventually I had to create the set of a Dargah to shoot the sequence,” quips the producer and actor Jawahar.

J. C. Film Productions’ film Phaans, releasing on 5th February 2010, is about Nuclear test at Pokharan in the year 1998. It was the year when India and Pakistan were on the verge of a war. It is also the story of an Indian spy Jawahar who risks his life to save the country from war but in the end all he gets is loss of his son, prestige and family name. It all turns around when his grand daughter accepts the responsibility to enter Pakistan and get the secret documents on ISI planned terror activities in India. Question is whether Sameera will manage to get the documents? Will she be able to clear the name of her father as traitor? Will she make her grandfather Jawahar proud in front of the whole nation?

Directed by A. Chitransh feature film Phaans is produced by Jawahar L Jairath. Star cast of the film includes Kanan Malhotra, Jawahar, Shieva Munjal, Vidya Sinha, Raza Murad, Moin Khan, Reshma Modi, Amita Nangia etc. Music is by Dilip Sen.

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