Prabhudheva: “Even Here In The South Sarojji’s Dances Are Legendary”

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Ace-choreographer filmmaker actor Prabhudheva calls the late Saroj Khan “a legend beyond legends.”

“Her dance numbers wre not just about dancing. A whole universe of feelings and moods went into them. I don’t know if any choreographer in India was as popular as Sarojji. She was equally popular in the North and South. When Ek do teen came out kids in Chennai were copying Madhuriji’s steps,” says Prabhdheva.

Saroj Khan made Prabhudheva believe in magic. “It was just magic when Sarojji worked with Srideviji and Madhuriji. There’s no explanation to what happened on screen when Sarojji combined with these two lady superstars.And who but Sarojji could bring together Aishwaryaji and Madhuriji in Dola re(Devdas)?”

Prabhu had the rare privilege of being choreographed by Saroj Khan early in his career. “It was in Sapnay when Sarojji first choreographed my dance moves. I again got to work with her many years later when I directed Rowdy Rathore.She was a perfectionist. Never compromised on the steps.”

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