Preeti’s love left home alone

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Preeti Desai, the newest star in the Bollywood galaxy, has managed to score a lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s latest production – ‘Shor in the City’. Having come all the way from England after being offered a role in a film, Preeti’s apparently feeling homesick in the city!

However, it is not the change in land that has caused this sickness; it’s just that she desperately misses her beloved dogs – a Yorkshire terrier and a German shepherd – that live with her in London. Charlie (the terrier) and Harley have been Preeti’s constant companions ever since they came into her life some years ago. She thoroughly enjoys relaxing with her furry friends and playing with them in her spare time.

Lately though, she has been unable to fly to London due to her hectic promotion schedule for “Shor in the City“. The only way Preeti was able to handle this long separation from her doggies was by actually video chatting with them online! The Internet is managing to bridge all kinds of divides!

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. Well, ladies like Preeti show that a woman can be a dog’s best friend too!

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