Preity can tattoo and drive a tractor

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On the set for her new film Heroes, Preity Zinta was full of surprises. Not only did she go the extra mile to prepare for her role by going back to acting classes, she also proved she can drive a tractor and surprisingly showed she can tattoo.

In the film directed by Samir Karnik, Preity plays a widow who is raising her son all on her own after the death of her husband played by Salman Khan. The director reveled that she gave them quite a surprise on the set one day. Since the role is that of a Punjabi woman Karnik wanted the actress to have a traditional ‘Omkar’ tattoo. On the day of the shoot Preity showed up with the tattoo already done. Originally a tattoo artist was supposed to do the work but Preity shocked everyone when she revealed she had done the tattoo herself.

In another scene Preity had to drive a tractor in a field and though at first nervous she handled it with ease by the time the shot was canned. Karnik revealed, “Preity was very nervous but she pulled it off with ease; driving a full circle of the field and bringing it to a stop only a few feet away from Sohail Khan, Vatsal Seth and Dwij Yadav. Even though she had control over the tractor, every time I shouted ‘cut’, people from the crew would run to help her stop the machine. She would stop it, get off and give us a look which seemed to say, ‘what are you doing here? I got it under control’. She was superb!”

As you can see Preity really worked hard on getting her role as a Punjabi woman perfect for the film. In fact to make sure she went back to hone her skills at Anupam Kher’s acting school. Karnik said, “Priety is known for her bubbly, enthusiastic personality but she worked hard on her body language and observed the locals there to portray the demure, silent, but strong woman that she is in the film. If you ask me, I think this is one of her best performances to date.”

Be sure to see Heroes when it opens in theaters on October 24th!

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