Preity Zinta takes conviction to the next level

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In a recent screening of Preity Zinta‘s upcoming release Heaven on Earth, everybody was so impressed by her conviction in playing the battered wife. Apparently, two of her security guards were ready to beat up her co-star Vansh Bhardwaj who played her abusive husband in the film.

Preity confirms the news herself to Mumbai Mirror stating that her bodyguards were highly disturbed by the scenes so much that they were willing to bash Vansh, even though they knew he was merely acting.

Vansh, Preity believes, portrays domestic violence as normal issue that makes it seem unbelievable that such a horrific thing is so common. She thanks her director, the acclaimed Deepa Mehta, for writing such a script and such a role that took her talent to the next level and put her in a situation like never before.

When asked how she feels about compliments on her performance, Preity says that the feeling is mixed because maybe it indicates that she hasn’t acted in her earlier movies. Either way she’s very much excited to show the movie to her two close friends and colleagues, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar, who always thought such a role was impossible for Preity to carryout because she looks too ‘up class’.

Well Preity, we hope you prove both Aditya and Karan wrong!

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