Prity Bhutani is Sitting Pretty

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Prity Bhutani is about to catch our attention in Ajay Devgan’s latest starrer Golmaal Returnsand also in Ek…The Power of One. Having previously been in Ladies Tailor, she will also soon hit the screens in Khalbali Hai Khalbali and Vikalp.

Prity is from a non-filmi family in the Punjab. Did she find it difficult breaking into Bollywood? “It was as difficult as it can be for any newcomer,” she says. “Every newcomer goes through it. I came to Mumbai through some of my friends in New Delhi and started my career with print ads.”

She is particularly fond of her role as Flora in Ladies Tailor. “Cineviewers appreciated my role as Flora in the film for her innocence,” she explains. “Though the film did not succeed at the box office, I got a foothold in Bollywood. Since then I have never looked back.”

She has already been branded as part of the item girl gang along with Rakhi Sawant and others. How does she feel about that? “No problem at all. Rakhi Sawant is really good. She is definitely not my ideal, but I appreciate her for her raw appeal.”

With four Bollywood films lined up for release and a reputation also developing in the South through her films in Tollywood and Kollywood, Prity is sitting pretty with her career plan.

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