Priyanka and Big B Discuss Pyaar

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It seems difficult for Priyanka Chopra to come out of her character from Pyaar Impossible. One the contrary, in the promos she is keen on Pyaar ‘Possible’. In an attempt to raise a couple of eyebrows, she was discussing some tips full of Pyar with his co-star Uday Chopra while Amitabh Bachchan, yes, Big B was patiently listening to all her love logic.

Priyanka shelled out secrets (not really) one after another and explained with all she could that how a girl would react if she is interested in you. She said, “The boy has to make the advances, the girl will certainly give tips if she’s interested.” She started giving examples like, “She will start looking at you with a coy, she will look down and smile.” To add to it, she was out there trying to break notions of many a noobs. She added, “No girl will come upfront and say hey, I like you lets go out.”

Big B was taking keen interest and soon it became impossible for him to keep quiet listening to everything that our Piggy Chops had to say. He even put up questions which were answered by Priyanka with utmost sincerity. Big B’s ask the question, “If the girl starts correcting her hair again and again while talking to you?” to which, Priyanka replied, “Yeah she will pass her hand all over her hair and smile with a coy.”

Any guesses where was this whole thing going on? Yes, you are closer, try a litter harder. Now you got it, it was on the sets of Big Boss where the two from Pyaar Impossible were there as a part of the promotional strategy. While the two experts, Big B and Priyanka, were enjoying their time to the maximum, Uday Chopra decided to stay quiet listening to them. Blame it on the jitters he must be getting as a movie produced by him is ready to hit the screens.

However, a sentence by Uday stole the show. After playing the part of a good listener for a long time, Uday with an innocent look, said, “First of all, you need a heart to love.” The sentence bowled over the other two and Priyanka couldn’t resist exclaiming “How romantic!”

The glamorous Priyanka Chopra stars opposite Uday Chopra and looks ravishing in promos. The movie is directed by Uday’s all time favorite person Jugal Hansraj and is slated for release on the 8th of January 2010. Do we need to mention that it is another one from the house of Yash Raj Films?

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