Priyanka Chopra: Twitter Queen!

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No matter who reigns supreme in the real world, in the virtual world Priyanka Chopra is the ultimate queen. The actress has managed to acquire the most amount of followers on Twitter beating stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and even Shah Rukh Khan. Initially it was SRK who was leading the Twitter race but it wasn’t long before Priyanka raced ahead is clearly the winner.

While she follows many of her co-stars and fellow colleagues, there is no other actress who has managed to gather quite the fan following on Twitter like she has. Preity Zinta, another avid Tweeter comes second but she has about half the number of followers. She is followed by Deepika Padukone who comes in at third position.

And in other Twitter news, Salman Khan, who found himself dodging the media after making remarks regarding the 26/11 catastrophe in Mumbai, was on the verge of quitting Twitter. However, after he gained even more followers, post Dabangg, decided to stay on.

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