Priyanka’s Break

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It has been six years of hard work for actress Priyanka Chopra. Having worked non-stop in her quest for the much sought after top spot, she has decided the time has come to give herself a little treat. And what a treat – Priyanka is giving herself a rest from her professional commitments and has jetted off to an undisclosed location in the East. Accompanying her are a few close friends and cousins with her parents joining her in a few days.

Riding high on the recent success of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey, Priyanka decided to heed her parent’s advice and take a break after frequent bouts of illness due to exhaustion. Having taken a few short breaks before, this is the first time Chopra will be absent from the industry for 20 days.

Let’s hope the rest does her a world of good… This is one actress who truly deserves her well earned break.

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