Producer Madanlal Paliwal of Queens! Destiny of Dance Clears Misconceptions about the film

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Threat or Support… is what comes to the mind once we read the letter of Sonam Singh Kinar, Chief managing trustee of Akhil Bhartiya Jankalyan Trust. The trust takes care of the neglected community i.e. the “kinars”. She has addressed a letter threatening the Madanlal Paliwal to show their community the movie or else she would approach the censor board to stop the release of the film. She has also sent a donation slip indirectly asking for money; if her demands are not accepted she shall not leave any stone unturned to oppose the film.

Addressing this issue, Madanlal Paliwal had called a press conference to clear the misconception about this movie and he comments “The film does not make fun of the trans-gender community. It in fact supports them and tries to send out a positive message about the life of a trans-gender and the difficulties that they face” He also adds, “We do not only have transgenders in this film, we also have national award winning actors like Seema Biswas, Vineet Radhakrishan, debutant Archana Gupta and Raz Zutshi.”

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, being a trans-gender activist stands by the team of Queens! Destiny of Dance, and comments “I have been a part of the movie from the day producer Madanlalji approached me. They always approached me for scenes related to our community, and me being a part of the community I would say they have given justice and respect to our community while making the film.” Laxmi also clears the air about the allegations put on her of hitting another Hijra at the signal, for which she has received bail from court.

Lastly Madanlal Paliwal comments, “We at Miraj Entertainment ltd are generating an awareness for this community, we require support from the audience as well as from this community to bring the desired change in the society. But we weren’t really expecting such letters from community’s side; we are united and should stand-up for them. The letter and receipt is a surprise for me too.”

The film is a very simple story which talks about a royal prince who has a different sexuality (Kinnar), and how he faces discrimination and disrespect from society and within his own family. The prince (Guru Amma – Seema Biswas) dedicates his life to supporting and building the new world for the trans-gender community. The film has drama, jealousy, competition etc which also occurs within our human society. The movie is slated to release on 29th April, 2011.

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