Purab Kohli gets into Functional Training

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“What is that workout Purab Kohli’s doing?” is a constant question being asked by fellow Gym inmates of his lately. Apparently Purab has been training hard in the gym, except that he is doing exercises that are attracting a lot of attention. “He swings, he jumps, he somersaults, he kicks …and then… He meditates!!” says an onlooker.

“It’s called Functional training! I’m staying fit, although this new form of training introduced to me is taking me beyond looking fit, its making me feel strong.” says Purab.

Or maybe it’s even beyond feeling strong. The Actor is known to work on all his characters not only mentally but physically too. May it be the character of Munna from Awarapan or KD from Rock on, Purab has always gone the whole hog.

So could all these acrobatics be for a new action flick? We’ll have to wait and watch!

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