Pyaare Mamu

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It seems that Bollywood is tired of the father-son, girlfriend-boyfriend relationships in the industry because one of the highlights of newspapers these days is the winning Mama & Bhanja combination of Imran and Aamir Khan.

The newest news in the family arena is that they seemed to have shared Imran’s bunglow during the release of Jaane Tu because Aamir’s bunglow was under repairs. Mamu Jaan was rarely home thanks to his busy shooting schedules and work in the office however Imran says whenever he was home it was loads of fun.

Imran, the new heartthrob of millions, admires so much about his uncle, who wouldn’t when that uncle is Aamir, however Imran doesn’t say he his role model; apparently the actor doesn’t believe in the concept.

Well we don’t know about you but their just seems to be so much love in this family!

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