Ra.One in 3D?

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Shah Rukh Khan‘s superhero saga, Ra.One, seems all out to set new standards as far as technology in Bollywood is concerned. A lot has already been said about the special effects which will be used in the movie that is handled by SRK’s company Red Chillies VFX, but the makers have decided to go one step further. If things turn out well, then Ra.One may well come out in 3D.

In response to a question at the recent Ra.One theatrical trailer launch, SRK said that there were chances that the movie would be have a 3D version as well. But that would depend on a lot of factors. “Some part of the film we are trying to do in 3D and Primefocus is doing that for us. They have a technology with which after you have shot the film, it could be converted into 3D,” he stated. The movie wasn’t shot with the intention of releasing it in 3D and the technology is such that for the 3D version to work well, the film needs to be shot in a particular manner. Primefocus is carrying out a test on the initial footage to see if the 3D version is possible. If SRK and others in the team find the final output appealing then the movie will be having a 3D version – where not the entire movie but just some parts like the chase and action sequences will be in 3D. But that he said will be given the go ahead only if the product looks good. They will not be having a 3D version just for the sake of it as they do not want to take away from the essence of the movie.

Seems like a smart move. To know more about SRK’s Ra.One catch our report at here!

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