Ra.One release pushed back to October 2011

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Shah Rukh Khan’s much-hyped new film has been pushed back because of the number of special effects required. Ra.One, which had originally been rumored to be scheduled to release in June 2011, will now hit the box office after almost a year, Mumbai Mirror reports.

A source for the newspaper said: “Ra.One is Shah Rukh’s most ambitious film till date. He is leaving no stone unturned for the production values of the film.”

We got a hint that the film might be coming later than was thought from a tweet by director Anubhav Sinha, “Random thought. Not actually. ‘Postponement is a function of scheduling. You can’t postpone something you never scheduled’ :-)”

It is reported that Khan had decided to spend more money on the look of the film after the commercial success of the Rajnikant hit Robot.

The source added: “The next deadline has been set for October end, which will be during Diwali.”

It’s a long time for us SRK fans to wait to see our hero on the big screen, but if the end result is more Robot and less Love Story 2050, the delay for Ra.One will be worth it.

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