Ra.One Trailer Launch

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One of the most awaited movies of the year, Ra.One has managed to garner tremendous interest and we still have nine month to go before its release! After the short teaser revealed in January, this week we finally get a new sneak peek into the film. Eros International and Red Chillies Production had the launch of the first theatrical trailer at Imax in Mumbai yesterday by none other than the star – or rather the superhero – of the movie, Shah Rukh Khan.

SRK and director Anubhav Sinha showed the gathered press the first official trailer (the trailer will be shown to the public Friday onwards) and the shouts of ‘Once more!’ were enough to indicate that the trailer was very intriguing and a hit.

In case you missed it, here it is!

After the screening, Shah Rukh spoke about the film, “This film is a human story, a father, son and wife. It’s a superhero versus super villian film. It’s fight between the evil and the good. I play G.One protector and giver, the superhero, who is a positive character.”

There has been lot of confusion around the name of the movie and so SRK explained, “Ra.One is the name of the villain in the movie and stands for Random Access version 1. G.One which is the name of my character stands for Good one.” Clarifying that the name is ‘G.One’ and not ‘Jeevan’, he said that the name is indeed inspired from Jeevan, which refers to giver of life. Ra.One on the other hand sounds like ‘Raavan’ and not without reason. Just like the mythological demon Raavan had ten heads, Ra.One will be a product of ten of the deadliest sins! With the look of G.One released (we now know that he can jump, fly, spew electricity and is made of pixels!), obviously the wait now is for the look of the nemesis. But for that you will have to wait for the movie to release. In an innovative marketing strategy, the makers have decided not to release the look of the character of Ra.One. “All of us will be intrigued who Ra.One is…” he said.

Talking about why the movie was not named after his character he said, “Karan and others told me to change the name to G.One but if you see, in any Bollywood movie related to super powers, it is the villain who is the most remembered one – be it Mogambo, Shaakaal or even Gabbar.” Joking that G.one was actually derived from G for ‘Gauri’ and One for his position in the industry, he said that all the stunts in the movie were passed by his special C Board – the children’s board comprising of his and Anubhav’s sons along with their friends!

“This film is about making the right choices. People, especially children, need to be careful what they wish for. It is about how children should not make bad choices.”

Promising to continue with the promotions, SRK definitely seems to be making sure that by Diwali time, this will be the most talked of movie of the year.

Also at the event was the unveiling of the fan mail project. A 3,600-foot long fan mail, which will travel to 50 BIG Cinemas in India will allow fans to share their messages for the actor. Big Cinemas Marketing head Archana Jhangiani said, “The whole of India swoons over Shah Rukh Khan and with the release of Ra.One, the mania is going to go even wilder. The longest travelling fan mail is our attempt to give all the BIG Cinemas patrons a chance to express their love for King Khan and ensure that their messages reach him personally.”

Two contest winners were the first fans to be a part of this travelling fan mail and got the bonus of meeting Shah Rukh Khan on stage.

Check out these exclusive pictures from the event!

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