Raaz 3 First Look Launch

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The Bhatts have been building up on their famous franchise and the latest in the pipeline is Raaz 3. Starring Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta, the first look of this movie was launched recently at a leading multiplex.

Going with the theme of the movie, the makers decided to do something different and kept the first look inaugural at midnight. The lead stars Bipasha and Emraan made an entry onstage amidst a small skit aimed at giving a glimpse of their characters in the film. Also present were director Vikram Bhatt and Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt.

The movie deals with black magic and how a star makes use of it when she sees someone else taking her place. “Every artist is haunted by the fear which follows him. When he reaches stardom, he gets scared of losing it all. He wants to always be at that height. We are all prisoners of fame. Raaz 3 dares to touch this fear which entertainers live with,” said Bhatt giving an insight into the movie. Mahesh Bhatt had already stated in an article before how Bipasha’s character had similarities to her life and how she had broken down during the shooting of one scene. “Very few times do the actors cross the line between real and reel and when that happens you see such a breakdown.”

Bipasha, who makes her comeback to the Bhatt camp through Raaz 3 said, “We all go through struggle but we choose not to show it. But it is important to address it at times and connect. This is why I agreed to do this character,” adding, “Initially on the sets of the film, I was lost because the scenes were so intense. I did not know how to reach the character. I haven’t allowed myself to feel this way ever. But I had to let it go and finally I did.” Emraan, who has had quite a good run at the box office recently said that he wanted Raaz 3 to perform better than Raaz 2 did. “I want all my films to do well. This film should have a bigger opening than ‘Jannat 2’ also,” he said.

Where there’s a mention of the Bhatts there has to be some controversy and this press conference was no different.  Shekhar Suman had recently commented that it was a mistake for his son to start his career with the Bhatt camp to which Mukesh acidly replied, “Only a spastic like Shekhar Suman can say something like that. His son has only one successful film which is ‘Raaz 2 and if his father wants to take even that away from his son then we cannot do anything about it.’ Usually known for his upfront comments, Mahesh Bhatt was rather diplomatic as he said, “I don’t think we should use this platform to hurl abuses at each other. We should not create conflicts. He is my colleague, I have respect for him. If he chooses to disrespect me that is his privilege, but as an elder, I will not allow anyone to disrespect Shekhar or Adhyayan. They are a part of this journey and if they have bitterness with us, we will sort it out.”

Raaz 3 would be releasing on September 7.

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