Rajniesh Duggall gets playful in Pattaya

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Famed model turned actor Rajniesh been showing his competitive streak in Pattaya. Rajniesh has been shooting for the film Be Careful along with co-stars Tanisha and Rajpal Yadav for almost a month in the midst of a curfew.

Since everyone is under house arrest post 6 pm there is a lot of free time with the crew due to which they are not allowed to get out, they hardly have any mode of entertainment other than the TV. But the crew surely seems to have found their new pass time which is playing table tennis in the hotel sports and recreation centre.

Says Rajniesh Duggall from curfew stricken Pattaya “Yes since we can’t really get out, the best way to kill time is by playing table tennis at the hotel. All of us including Rajpal Yadav, Tanisha Mukerjee, Shillpi Sharma, the DOP Najeeb Khan, Sanjay Mishra and Zaid play table tennis for hours. Infact Rajpal Yadav and I are a tough team to beat. This does not go down well with the girls…(laughs).”

When probed further he says, “I’ve been really missing my 6 month old daughter. But all of us here together having so much fun makes it a little easy. Can’t wait for the shoot to get over so I can get back home and play with my daughter. The shooting has already been delayed due this curfew and it has only added to my misery.” He signs off.

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